HPS™ 2.0 Hybrid Performance System

HPS ™ 2.0 is a universal system for the stabilization of the spine. It allows for multisegmental fusion with the option of dynamic stabilization of the cranial segment. The aim is to shorten the length of fusion and to thus reduce the risk of degeneration in the adjacent segments. The dynamic coupler controls the movement of the spine in all directions. Mobility is ensured for flexion, extension and lateral bending, while translation and axial rotation are reduced to a minimum. The capacity for controlled axial adjustments in length permits changes in the distance between the pedicles of just under 2 mm. This allows the system to cushion axial forces, to reduce the load on facet joints and intervertebral discs and to preserve the physiological center of rotation in the index and adjacent segments.
The dynamic HPS ™ 2.0 coupler – controlled range of motion and physiological quality of movement.
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    • Modularity of system allows for optional topping-off semi-rigid stabilization
    • Clinically proven DSS coupler technology
    • 5,000 cases treated in three years
    • Extremely low failure rate of the DSS-HPS coupler
    • Universal system