Paul Thomas.

Paul G. Thomas

Paul G. Thomas joined the board of directors in May 2016. Paul most recently served as the chief executive officer of Roka Bioscience, Inc., a molecular diagnostic company, a position he held from 2009 until his retirement in 2017. Paul previously served as chairman, chief executive officer and president of LifeCell Corporation, a publically traded regenerative medicine company from 1998 until it was acquired by KCI in 2008 in a transaction valued at $1.8 billion. Prior to joining LifeCell, he held various senior positions during a 15-year tenure with the pharmaceutical products division of Ohmeda Inc., a world leader in inhalation anesthetics and acute care pharmaceuticals. Paul currently serves on the board of directors of AbioMed (NASDAQ: ABMD). Paul received his bachelor of science in chemistry from St. Michael’s College, his master of business administration from Columbia University, and completed his post graduate studies in chemistry at the University of Georgia. Paul’s extensive leadership experience with companies in the life science industry provides our board of directors with a broad perspective on the industry and valuable management expertise.